About the Film

Obama Wax Figure

Kobré photographs AP’s Jeff Chiu as a figure of President Obama is delivered by boat destined for San Francisco’s Wax Museum. (Photo by Jeff Chiu, AP)

Wall Street

Kobré photographs AP’s Richard Drew in the New York stock exchange. (Photo by Richard Drew, AP)

Palestinian youth

Kobré covers Palestinian youth as they clash with Israeli soldiers on the outskirts of Jerusalem. (Photo by Oded Balilty, AP)

KK in Gas Mask

Kobré practices wearing his gas mask and flak jacket before covering a clash between Palestinian youth and Israeli soldiers. (Photo by Betsy Brill)


Kobré in one of the 1500 illegal tunnels that run between Gaza and Egypt. (Photo by Adel Hana, AP)

between Egypt and Gaza

Kobré photographs the illegal movement of goods between Egypt and Gaza through tunnels in spite of the Israeli embargo designed to isolate Gaza. (Photo by Adel Hana, AP)

Tara Todras-Whitehill

Kobré photographs AP’s Tara Todras-Whitehill as she covers clashes at a West Bank border crossing between Israel and Palestine.

media photographers

Kobré with media photographers from all over the world take a break from covering the clashes between Palestinian youth and the Israeli army at a West Bank border crossing.

Follow the AP Photographers Who Capture News Images For the World to See

You — and a billion other people each day — see photographs distributed by the Associated Press in newspapers, magazines, and in the relentlessly instantaneous roll of Internet news coverage flashing on your computer screen.

Deadline Every Second: On Assignment with Twelve Associated Press Photojournalists takes you behind the scenes with photojournalists of the Associated Press, the world’s largest news picture agency.  You will come in close with 12 of the world’s top AP photographers on assignment in the U.S. (from California wildfires to Wall Street) and Europe (from 10 Downing St. to the Tour de France).

These dozen shooters represent the hundreds of AP photojournalists who record the memorable pictures you see in newspapers, magazines and on the Web — one million individual pictures a year viewed in more than 15,000 news outlets.

In Deadline Every Second, photojournalists on assignment describe the intricate process of covering sports, features, and political events. They share their strategies for capturing just the right moment — and you’re there with them at the center of the action.

From one photojournalist’s wounds in a suicide bombing in Pakistan to another’s imprisonment for his coverage in Iraq, editors and front-line shooters also share the stories behind global headlines — and the realities of covering tragedy and conflict.

Deadline Every Second will change how you look at news images, especially if they bear the credit AP Photo.

The hour-long feature documentary was produced and shot by Ken Kobré, and co-produced and edited by John Hewitt.

Ken Kobré, producer and videographer, filmed more than two dozen Associated Press photographers in nine cities in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.