News Coverage

“This is f****** great. Deadline Every Second takes you on a journey into the unseen world of news photojournalism and what it takes to bring back the images the public takes for granted every day. We meet the brave, cunning and talented photographers who deliver the world to our homes and experience some of what they have endure to get the job done.”
PF Bentley
Former TIME photojournalist

“Exploration of the trials and experiences of this incredible group of photographers makes for a very exciting hour.”
Kent H. Steele
Executive Director of Broadcasting, Channel 13, WNET
New York

“Your unprecedented behind the scenes access to the Associated Press, 12 of the top AP photographers and their work, is both compelling and unique.”
Suzanne Romaine
Director, Channel 9 KQED Presents
San Francisco

“Wow! The trailer just makes me want to see more.”
Al Satterwhite, photographer

“I think it is a great piece. You show the world just what a photojournalist is, what one does and how it feels to be one.”
Annie Wells
Winner, Pulitzer Prize, Spot News Photography

“Every AP photographer has to find two photos of every news event. The news shot that editors always want, and the unexpected shot that editors don’t know they want. It’s a nearly impossible task, but the shooters in Deadline Every Second show you how they do it, day and day out.”
Steve Wolgast
News Photographer magazine

“Wow – that is one impressive piece of work!”
Steve Raymer
20-year National Geographic veteran
Professor of Journalism, Indiana University

Deadline Every Second must be viewed by anyone who is interested in entering the photojournalism profession…. Kobré has done a masterful job of having the photographers tell us the stories behind their photos.”
Marcy Nighswander
Winner, Pulitzer Prize, Feature Photography
Professor, The School of Visual Communication, Ohio University

“This documentary turns the viewer into a ‘fly on the wall’ of history in the making. It takes us to the scene of breaking news and lets us see how award-winning professional photojournalists work. But, more importantly, we get to hear them explain what they are thinking at the moment the shutter is pushed. Even after over 30 years working as a professional videojournalist, I was still sucked in by this documentary. I was familiar with many of the images but was fascinated to hear the photographer explain the story behind the capturing of a particular moment in time; sometimes sharing why they took a particular frame and other times sharing their feelings about the event.”
Steve Sweitzer
Past President, National Press Photographers Association